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Applying our sustainable development approach for social development

İlk Fırsat (First Chance)

36% of Turkey’s university graduates are currently unemployed. They are more likely to remain unemployed for 6 months or longer compared to primary and high school graduates. If they graduate from one of the many ‘second tier’ state universities, they are even less likely to be employed. In other words, Turkey faces a great loss on the investment young people and society make in pursuing higher education.

İlk Fırsat (First Chance) program supports employment of new university graduates in full time positions for 12 months in NGOs. Esas Sosyal covers all costs related to their employment by making a grant to the NGO. Participants also benefit from the First Chance Academy which consists of a speaker series, soft skills training and mentorship support. The academy program is designed to be in line with 21st Century Skills Framework of the World Economic Forum.

To date, 95 youth have been employed full time at 22 NGOs. 60 of these 95 have completed the program and have transitioned successfully to their new jobs and continued their network and activities in the First Chance Alumni Group.

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