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We value knowledge and listen to our stakeholders

The initial focus of Esas Sosyal is youth and employment and two main targets have been set in order to conduct and support research in this area of work. One of these is helping to increase number and quality of research by encouraging and supportnig relevant experts and institutions, and the other is contributing to the creation of a common ground for collaborations based on knowledge on the topic of youth and employment. 

First Chance Programme Impact Analysis Project

Conducted by Bilkent University and published January 2020, this research analyzes the social impact on employment outcomes for new graduates entering the labor market.

Impact Analysis of the First Chance Program

First Chance Programme Demography Project

Conducted by Bilkent University and published in January 2020, this research aims to explore the labour market status of the youth who newly graduated from higher education in Turkey.

Research focuses on the employment, unemployment and wage differences between the graduates of second tier universities and graduates of high ranked universities in the University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) list. 

Higher Education and Employment

Demographic and Labor Market Analysis of University Graduate Unemployment and Social Impact Report of the First Chance Program

The most recent research studies were conducted by Bilkent University and published in March 2020.

The first study pertains to understanding how inequality in higher education leads to inequality in employment after graduation. The second study is an impact analysis that compares the labor market outcomes of the First Chance Program participants to a control group of individuals with similar characteristics.

Social Impact Report